#SXSWCircus Showcase Artist: Kooley High

Two producers, three emcees and one DJ make Kooley High. This wasn’t a dream that happened overnight. Kooley High started as a club at NC State University that focused on their love for hip hop. Soon after they began making music as Kooley High the new hip-hop act that included Foolery, The Sinopsis, Tab-One, Rhapsody, Charlie Smarts and Ill Digitz. Their sound makes you go to the record store and look through hip-hop records of KRS-One and Common. Each song breathes summer. Kooley High producers and DJ (Foolery, The Sinopsis, and Ill Digitz) use instrumental r&b samples of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s mixed with hard drum kit beats.

As you listen to Kooley High’s albums, Eastern State Time and David Thompson, their lyrics paint a colorful story of North Carolina, their homebase. You feel like you are included in this technicolor journey. Each track reminds you of cookouts in slow motion, strolls through Raleigh on cold nights, and scenes of “Crooklyn.”

You wanted something new from the world of hip hop? Don’t let Kooley High pass you by. You will be pleasantly surprised that you are no longer thirsty for something new.