SXSW #TheCircus Preview: BOSCO

Charm will get you anywhere. But when you have charm AND talent, you become a dangerous. In the case of Brittany Bosco, it is the good kind of dangerous. The one you can see yourself falling in love with over and over again. Almost like one hundred first dates.

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The southern belle from Savannah, GA has a way of bringing a fresh voice to a classic feel. Her Spectrum EP, released in 2009, is a living testament to that. It is almost as if Billie Holiday and John Coltrane had a daughter, who had a daughter. My favorites from that EP, “Blues for Blue” is actually what made me fall in love with her. To be so young, she is timeless in her transitions and her sound.


Two years later, BOSCO returns to release two EPs, Pacer and The Scene, both of which were well anticipated and received. Pacer, which was released September 2011, showcased a certain maturity in her voice . The Scene, released in October of 2011, takes that maturity to an entirely different level, as she sings to her hearts content something presumably different. Both concept themed projects proved to be highlight in her career thus far. Her fan base grows increasingly larger every time she opens her vocal chords.


Now with the releasing of her most recent project, Let Go of Me, fans are eagerly waiting for what BOSCO has in store. Its safe to say that this young lady has set a standard in the industry without even having a full album out yet. I’m not surprised. She’s just that dope.

Picture courtesy of BOSCO's Facebook page