SXSW preview: Nicolas Jaar

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I first became aware of Nicolas Jaar last summer thanks to a Chris Coco Mixcloud promo for his “Lazy Summer Two” compilation.  You can check out the post I did at here, which features Jaar’s great downtempo track from that compilation called “I Gotta Woman.”

Jaar started out working on the Wolf + Lamb label at age seventeen and eventually started his own label called “Clown and Sunset” which he releases stuff on as well as great artists “Darkside” and “Valentin Slip.”  He originates from Chile but now makes his home in New York.

He puts together some amazing soundscapes and all of them are so interesting to listen to and he does it in a variety of ways. First you’re listening to the light trip hop sounds of “I Gotta Woman” and the next you’re listening to a darker toned and almost gregorian chant inspired “Space is only noise if you can see” (can be heard at  I can only imagine what other types of  sounds he’ll bring to the live environment.  If you are attending SXSW, you’ll have the opportunity to hear that sound!

Nicolas Jaar’s performance is presented by Pitchfork and he plays Thursday, March 15th at Central Presbyterian Church from 12:30 to 1:20am.  Please check him out and support this up and coming talent!