SXSW Preview: Electric Wire Hustle

I wish I could tell you about the first time I’ve heard the name Electric Wire Hustle. I really have no idea how I stumbled upon them. I’m sure it was somewhere around the time a few of my friends were working on their albums and listening to different projects as a form of motivation. What I CAN tell you about is the first time I saw them perform live. It was at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. They were CMJ headliners. The line for them was around the block for an already packed event.  I wiggled my way to the front of the stage, in usual Keya fashion. Surrounded by a blended crowd, I was excited to see if they were just as good as what I had been previously bumping through my ITunes.

Needless to say, I was in awe.


This trio is not one to overlook. Don’t let the fact that they are from New Zealand fool you either. Their music is unique. They have somehow managed to fuse experimental, hip hop, new age, and a pinch of soul into their music. Trying to fit them into a genre would be insulting. Since their inception in 2007, Electric Wire Hustle has seen the benefits of being an overseas act. People have been very interested, or at least intrigued, but what this group has had to offer. Releasing three projects since (Electric Wire Hustle, Every Waking Hour, and Waters EP), it is safe to say that a music fan’s curiosity has indeed been satisfied.

For the avid music lover, this is an excellent find. I, myself, often search everywhere, retweet lyrics, watch videos,  and keep myself involved in anything that Electric Wire Hustle has going on. I’m not surprised by their success thus far. I’m looking forward to hearing more of what they have in store.

So…if you happen to be in Austin during SXSW, make sure you check out the New Zealand trio on at THE CIRCUS. I promise you no disappointments.