#SWSWCircus Showcase Artist: The Stepkids


Reviving the sounds of rock and roll music’s past is a concept that has been adopted by many bands… except when it comes to psychedelic rock.  Supplying the soundtrack to the volatile “counter-culture” years of the late-60’s and early-70’s, the psychedelic rock sound seemed to fully captured an era of peace, free love, and, of course, drug experimentation.   Some 40 years later, three singer/songwriters out of Connecticut,  (which happens to be a short road trip from Woodstock) known as “The Stepkids,” decided to make music inspired by the hippie generation for the hipster generation.

The Stepkids, as a group, may be new to the music scene, but not as individuals.  Between the three accomplished musicians — Dan Edinberg (bass and keyboards), Jeff Gitelman (guitarist), and Tim Walsh (drums) — they can boast that they’ve shared stages with Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent and Alicia Keys.  They can also boast a cosign from arguably one of the most important musicians of the past decade, Thom Yorke, who publicly claimed The Stepkids hold a spot in his musical playlist.


Looking past the hype you will find a band that has been hard at work for almost two years to provide an album for the masses.  The tunes, comprised of raw funk rhythms, soulful but ethereal background harmonies, and spacey guitar and key licks, provide the perfect accompaniment to dancing in a field of daises or indulging in your favorite recreational medicinal.

In all seriousness, The Stepkids’ self-titled debut album provides an impressive piece of work, drawing from an important time in music, which could become a sonic platform to build something entirely new upon.   Call it “re-inspiration”.

The Stepkids played the Brooklyn Bodega x Couch Sessions present THE CIRCUS showcase last week in Austin. Check back here this week for more updates and video from their set.