PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…Dafna Steinberg

Breakfast with Dafna Steinberg (Professional Photographer)

When I first met Dafna she went by the now defunct moniker Lady Glock  and had created a body of work that brought me inspiration and an interest in her story telling through the glass. So we decided to meet up at this coffee shop called Peregrine in Washington, DC and discussed life, religion, her recent projects,  relationships etc..standard Breakfast with conversation so grab your favorite vice and join us for the photo interview..

In her photography she does a good job at inviting the viewer to tell their story thru her glass….

As you can see in her most recent project and series “The Mirror Project: Tales of a Fashion Obsession” ..”This is a series that started out as a personal vanity, but became a daily exercise, looking at change and repetition. What began as a dairy of my clothing choices, became a documentation and narration of my own insecurities with how I look, the shape of my body, and my personal concepts of beauty.”

You can catch more of her work and inspiration at the links provided as well as follow her @alizaysteinberg

“its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”