NEW MUSIC: brandon* – Anime Buffet EP

The beginning of the intro for this project is rather peculiar:

The Anime Buffet EP was an attempt to bridge the spontaneous antics of Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] with the musical style of the late great hip-hop musician, J Dilla.

Honestly, there is no other person who could pull these two together more than my dude (and Couch Sessions Approved producer) brandon*. The Florida-based MC has been making some great music over the past few years and his latest project, the Anime Buffet EP is no exception. If you’re a reader of Couch Sessions then you know there are a few familiar tracks on here, such as “Anime Buffet,” or “Gummi Bear Scare,” but there are tons of new ones such as “Tokyo Streets.” All in all, a great mix. Check it.