LIVE: The Epic Post- SXSW Party with The Park and Electric Wire Hustle

Let’s face it, walking through SXSW was like walking through one giagantic NASCAR. Everywhere you turn people were throwing Doritos, Vita Coco in your face. You couldn’t move more than 2 feet without seeing an ad or an intern bugging you to download an app. That’s why I appreciate the annual post SXSW House Party so much. Set in a house in a cool little hood on the other side of the MoPac, the party is the antesis of all the madness going on downtown and is reason enough to spend another day in Austin.

House Party

Honestly, looking around, the event could be a marketer’s wet dream. All races, faces, and ages partying down to the smoothed out hip-hop and soul grooves of The Park. Everyone is cool without trying to be cool, and there is no barrier to entry. If you knew the time and address you’re in, if not, you’re subject to reading about it a week later on somebody’s Instagram feed. The party dosen’t even have a name. I’ve been calling it the “EPIC Post-SXSW party as a running joke.” But that’s what makes it so great. In the land of manufactured “cool,” the authenticity of this event makes it more worthwhile.

House Party

As always, The Park holds it down, with some of the finest (and sometimes drunkest) MCs and singers taking their turn on the mic. But the surprise of the night was Electric Wire Hustle’s improumptu set which got the place buzzing. Honestly, I don’t know if the house owners were aware of the geographic impact the band made by playing in their living room, but it was definitely a sight to see.

As always, the EPIC House Party lived up to it’s name.