LIVE: Steeve Sam, Lost In Love Listening Party, Newark, NJ

It started out as a Mystery Party. The idea…to get people asking questions about the artist that was going to come in and change the minds of all of those who attended. His name is Steeve Sam. His album…Lost In Love.  Hosted by Jerry Gant, the mystery party was held at an undisclosed location with no name and a few windows. The crowd proved to be innocently intrigued by what was in store from the artist. The venue wasn’t packed, and I don’t think it was supposed to be. No..this privilege wasn’t to be given to everyone just yet. For now, it was a “thank you” and a intimate sharing wrapped up in dim lights and open energies.

“I just brought everyone here to together because knowing that there is so many dope people that don’t get to meet because everyone stays in their box…”

He lives by this. Its evident. Not a person who attended this listening session left without networking and building with at least five people they didn’t know prior to arriving. It wasn’t just to showcase his music. The unselfish approach to being open. When asked by Gant, “Who is Steeve Sam?” His response: “I’m everyone here”.

The music begins with his single “Detox”. Every lady in the audience, and even some of the brothers too, were singing right along. Especially the chorus when he sings “I need a detox for love/I think I’ve overdosed/My hearts on overdrive”. You may not be sure who the song was made for, but you couldn’t tell the ladies in the front he wasn’t singing to them. It was somewhat magical to see the power that lyrics can have. He continued on performing a freestyle of songs, in true Steeve fashion, with his friend and tap dancer, Maurice Chestnut. The brother is bad. While Chestnut made beats with his feet, Sam crooned his way into the ears of the attendees. To close his show, he performed “Freedom”  featuring Future, off his soon to be released album.

Steeve Sam is a creative spirit. His energy flows from the inside of heart, to the outside in the form of music. I’m excited for him and what he has in store for the world. He’s going to change it too….one ear at a time.

Special thanks to some folks for the Mystery Listening Party invitation:  The Kanek (Mars Hoffa, Blaze of Glory, and DSRB.Org), DJ Guy, and DJ Pre 459. Also, a very special thank you to Hillary West of Hillary West Photography for the photos.