LIVE: Gregory Porter, Highline Ballroom, NYC

A voice as strong as Gregory Porter’s should be showcased in every venue in every city. He is amazing. With his high class jazz band and a mature audience, Porter set the stage on fire at Highline Ballroom. He’s fresh off of the release of his most recent album, Be Good (which is an AMAZING album that you should add to your daily rotation). Confidence, calmness, and dare I actually say it in public, swag, are the words you could describe the now New Yorker as he took the stage. This night, much like many of the nights Highline presents, was for grown folks. Romance settings, two person seating, the only lighting in the venue came from candles on the tables and the stage lights. Yeah…this was a night to remember in NYC.

“I’m up here talking like I won something…I did…I did…I’ll take love over a Grammy any day…”

He definitely was a winner on this night. Performing tracks from both of his albums, the other being Water (which was released in 2010), fans could barely eat because they became wrapped up in Porter’s stage presence. He’s captivating. Every note he hit and line he sung was a clear representation of his style and grace. Everyone was singing along and smiles were shared between “just meeting” friends. Porter knows how to perform and easily reels you in with his Midwest charm. Its safe to say that everyone in the audience left wanting more of him. He was just that dope.