Video: Gang Colours “Fancy Restaurant”


Selector of all fine things in music, Giles Peterson has gone from world-renowned DJ on BBC’s Radio One to owner of a world-renowned record label Brownswood Recordings.  He has carefully made the transition from spinning hand-selected tunes of vastly different genres to personally releasing records from an eclectic group of musicians from around the world – including Will Ozanne, better known as Gang Colours.

This UK producer is set to release his debut album “Keychains” this February, and leads off the project with the first single “Fancy Restaurant”.  Stateside the single might best fit in with a “post-808 heartbreak” generation of R&B artists such as Frank Ocean or The Weekend, but overseas you might consider it Garage gone R&B.  Either way the soulful down-tempo beat is inviting, and after my first listen “Keychains” immediately went on repeat.


Thin on lyrics, Gang Colours chooses to let his production work speak for most of “Fancy Restaurant”, using a perfect blend of piano and synth bass to carry the melody.  The visuals work perfect for the track despite its contrasting look with most videos of today.  With everyone clamoring over affordable super HD Cannon cameras, Gang Colours ditches the latest in video technology and goes with an old school super 8 film feel.  Collections of clips of Europe’s countryside complete with castles atop mountains make the perfect backdrop for this soundtrack.  I’m already planning to add this to an iPod playlist for my next road trip that takes me a bit off the beaten path as you should too.

Check the video for Gang Colour’s “Fancy Restaurant” and keep an eye out for his debut album “Keychains” dropping February 27th.