RECAP: Misfits, Season 3, Episode 8

by Winston "Stone" Ford

All good things must come to an end, and we have now reached that of season 3. The ghost of old characters have returned in the finale to handle some unfinished business. Tony, the very first probation worker to bite the dust, returns to apologize for trying to kill the gang. Sally, who was an old love interest with Simon during his awkward phase, has returned to profess her love for him.

And finally Rachel, the brainwashing religious-nut who was killed by Nathan, denounces her faith and enjoys the pleasures of sex, drugs and alcohol.

But all the ghosts’ intentions aren’t completely genuine. Sally tries to destroy one relationship as a way of seeking revenge for the heartache and death of her boyfriend, Tony, and Rachel realizes denouncing her faith isn’t what it’s all cracked out to be. Never straying away from the norm, the ending of this episode will leave you shocked and full of mixed emotions. There are so many questions left unanswered and multiple rumors surfacing about who will and will not return for a fourth season.

Misfits has delivered one hell of a finale with much anticipation for next year. Hats off to you Misfits/E4 for another brilliant season.

  • William West

    There’s not a lot of meat here. I’m not trying to be That Guy, but there’s so much more that could be discussed, such as how the multi-season time travel arc is resolved in sensible way – which is rarely seen when shows try to tackle time travel.
    I get that you don’t want to post spoilers, and maybe you expected the discussion to continue in the comments, but it just reads like such a surface interpretation of an episode that really served as the payoff of 3 seasons of storylines. It also could’ve served as a series finale, if necessary. We know they’re getting another season since it was announced before we even got the Hulu episodes, but it’s going to be SUCH a different show when it returns. 

    • J.D.J

      The point of the post is to ONLY recap what happened in the episode. interpretation of the episode, it’s value in comparison to the entire season, and to misfits as a whole is definitely up to everyone’s interpretation and is extremely encouraged in the comments.

      Though i do agree that I could have talked about how crucial this episode was, because it truly was, i’m okay that I didn’t. Not everyone is in the know about misfits or knows the extent of the seasons and why this episode signifies so much.

      But i agree, the next season will not be the same, for multiple reasons and this could have honestly been the end of misfits, and honestly, i wish it was. most if not all the issues throughout misfits has finally been resolved.

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