PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…Rosina “Teri” Memolo

Breakfast with….Rosina “Teri” Memolo professional photographer and instructor with Words, Beats and Life

She has been a friend and inspiration for quite awhile now. I’m always enthused to hear about art, photography, life, and enjoy the laughter that she brings. On this day we decided to meet up at Ted’s Bulletin in Washington, DC and have an evening Breakfast with…and talk about life, photography, her recent Bday ( and lots of laughter.  Enjoi the photo interview..

She grew up loving and photographing the nuances of DC culture and the many opportunities to find it in the city’s museums, theaters, clubs, and concert halls. She has photographed the rich and the famous, as well as the down-and-out. Over the years, her photographs have appeared in or on CD covers, local to international magazines, websites, catalogs, books, posters, and calendars.

She has been in several solo shows as well as group shows. Her recent works include  (Creative use of boarded up building) and (Art @ Work – Opening Reception, featuring DJ Dianamatic & DJ Bent)…

You can find more of her work and inspiration here…Happy-Accidents and follow her @rosinaphoto

 “its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”