PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…Rakiyt Zakari

Breakfast with…Rakiyt Zakari Artist & Designer

Long story short: Saw her clothing line a while ago online and thought wow here’s a line with a real story..So Dec. 10 I went to her show in Washington, D.C…After the show, now the line and story really made me a fan and inspired…So I told Rakiyt about the concept of Breakfast with and I wanted her to be apart of it because her line inspires the shit of of me…lol..she said yes after a 40 minute conversation and we met up for this Breakfast with in Old town, VA…We talked about life, collaborations, her line, being in business, etc enjoi the interview…

I know I said earlier that the story inspires me and in that story some of the quotes carry that same inspiration “In every language there’s a David..”

We discussed time management, egos in business, how to deal with egos in

It’s almost like the story is designed on the clothing for me…another one of my fav quotes ” we design for the restless and underwhelmed”

Okay enough with the praise..but after talking with Rakiyt I can see her growth thru her words cause i didn’t know her when she started so I asked “Where do you see The Original David at today versus when she first started? Rakiyt: “As with any relationship worth working at, my understanding of The Original David as a brand has grown and evolved. To me David has come to be more than clothing, its a philosophy, an aesthetic, a conversation worth turning into a novel.” See what I mean?

See Rakiyt Zakari work here and here ..Yes there are 2 links…. also follow her @ayeyodave 


 “its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”