OPINION: On black homosexuality, “church as state,” the Grammys and Roman’s “holiday”

by Marcus K. Dowling

America is not post-racial, especially if you’re gay. Of the many lessons learned from Sunday night’s performance of “Roman’s Holiday”at the Grammys by Nicki Minaj, the loudest and most poignant is that the Brooklyn-born dramatist-turned-rapper can’t and never will be the black Lady Gaga. Arguably, Gaga’s turn as “Mother Monster” – a super-heroine for the gay community – is her most endearing evolution. Nicki’s “Roman” clearly owes much to that creation. Minaj’s alter ego is a wild, boisterously gay male in a drag queen’s clothing. “Roman’s” Grammy stage debut was a case of too much, too soon. It’s noble of Minaj and her handlers to believe that gay freedoms gained in the Obama administration now allow for the exploration of gay stereotypes in a public forum. However, in creating Nicki as a separate creation from Gaga, the difference between black and white acceptance of homosexuality is broached, and thus opens the door to either the daring career move or career suicide of Sunday night’s performance.

There’s still a difference between the public handling of black and white homosexuality in America. For “Roman” to debut as a black Catholic man in danger of having his gay freedoms exorcised away is not a fictitious tale. Religion plays a dominant role in the black community. Hearkening to the days of slavery, in religion being seen as black liberation theology, it held more currency than government. Thus, if the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination against God, then it’s not just immoral, it’s illegal, too. Minaj’s performance was bold, but the backlash shouldn’t be amazing either. Black gays still suffer in silence. As the last bastion of silently accepted segregation left in black America, the world will not suffer Nicki Minaj as an African-American gay heroine. Rather, in a nation defined by adherence to the most backwards of notions for the most inane of reasons, black gays have been socialized into fear of Minaj, still knowing little else than to suffer in shadows and quietude.

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Conversely, it is a great time to be white and gay in America. Intriguingly enough, the reactions to Gaga’s public embrace of homosexuals versus Nicki’s moment of mainstream homosexual acceptance speak volumes to this fact. Gaga’s 2011 paean “Born This Way” shot to number one and registered appreciation instead of derision. White female pop stars accepting gay liberation is so entrenched in pop music that it almost feels like a stereotype. Black mainstream stars as gay positive icons is a less than stellar history. Yes, Sylvester was a black drag queen with a golden voice, Diana Ross sang “I’m Coming Out” and Grace Jones STILL owes much of her success to her all-encompassing sexuality, but there was nothing so vitriolic about their presence. Lightweight pop songs can’t hold a candle to what Minaj did on Sunday night. A caterwauling banshee of fashion and drama, it was Stonewall-style angst for the electro age.

Black female pop stars mirror still staid African-American socio-political norms. Sensual matriarchs of the culture, they are Aretha Franklin, Salt-N-Pepa and TLC. They also aren’t as embracing of all norms as they may seem. At the end of the day, Aretha still wants a man to treat her like a “Natural Woman” in a very heterosexual and consensual way. Salt-N-Pepa are still “talkin’ about (heterosexual) sex” and TLC still want the “Red Light Special” from a penile-vaginal relationship. Not only is Nicki not traditionally sensual, she is not a traditional matriarch either. At the end of Minaj’s performance, she’s crucified for her sins in the blackest of ways. As a sinner against church dogma, especially homosexual dogma, she’s also breaking the highest of laws, thus deserving to die.

These are strange times. The election of Barack Obama stands as the single greatest achievement in American history. Many African-Americans have seen the election as an invite to freedoms they once felt were tangentially related to their lives. However, freedom from a government that always made you feel wrong does not necessarily equate to freedom from rules and regulations that always made you feel right. When the moment arrives that black America realizes that their America no longer demands to be governed by the ideal of church as state but rather church AND state, only then will we appreciate Nicki Minaj. Until that point, instead of “Roman’s revenge?” Minaj sadly must become “Roman revised.”

  • Telson7

    Nowadays, it is going on conversations about homosexuality; some are
    against it and some on behalf of it. The right answer we can find from the word
    of God (the Bible).

    The Lord Jesus is the Messiah, Redeemer from sins
    and the Saviour. Jesus’ must fulfilled the whole law of God and believed all
    what the Old Testament taught, that He could be the Saviour. He did fulfill and
    believe all the law. In the Old Testament were commandments, which teach that
    homosexuality is a sin. Because the Lord Jesus had to believe all commandments
    of the Old Testament, so He also believed that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible
    teaches that homosexuality was a sin in the order of the Old Covenant and is
    valid in the order of the New Covenant. Like this way Jesus also believed that
    homosexuality is a sin, and He also condemned homosexuality by this way.

    For the sake of sodomites’ abomination acts, God
    destroyed Sodom as Ezekiel 16:49,50 shows for us. Ezekiel uses 16:50 Hebrew word
    towebah, which is the same Hebrew word in Lev 18:22 (and Lev 20:13) that
    describes homosexuality as abomination. It is very clear that in Ezekiel 16:50,
    abomination means homosexuality acts as the reason for destroying of Sodom.
    Sodomites pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness and hardened hearts
    towards poor and needy were sins, but destruction came for the sake of
    homosexuality, and the New Testament confirms this:

    Jude1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities
    about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going
    after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of
    eternal fire.

    Apostle Paul wrote very clearly that homosexuality (men having sex with other men; women having sex with other
    women) is a sin. Ro 1:27 is word error, which is in Greek plane, which means error, to deceive, deceit, one led astray from the right
    way, error which shows itself in action, a wrong mode of acting. In this place,
    the Bible in the New Testament shows very clearly that same-gender sex is a sin
    and aberration from the right way. Apostle Paul taught very clearly that
    homosexuality is unnatural sin.

    Many scientists believe that homosexuality is congenital, a matter and
    orientation that can’t be changed as heterosexual. Paradoxical is that many
    scientists don’t believe in God of the Bible, and they proclaim that God of the
    Bible is not existed. Nevertheless, God of the Bible is capable of change
    homosexuals individuals to be as heterosexuals.

    Arsenos means male and koiten means bed. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 teach that a
    man cannot lie (sexual act) with another man as he lies with a woman. The
    origin of the word arsenokoites means homosexual activity and homosexual.
    Lev 18:22 and 20:13 prove very clearly that arsenos koitenmeans
    homosexuality sex, because the Jews scribes translated words’ arsenos koiten to describe men who have sex with another
    men (homosexuality), which is a sin and against the will of God. Apostle
    Paul didn’t make up the word arsenokoites, but it was already as the concept in
    the Old Testament, where it meant homosexuality. It is very clear that the
    words’ arsenos
    koiten meant homosexuality
    (man who had sex with another man) to Jews of the Old Covenant era. In
    the same way arsenokoites meant homosexuality (man who had
    sex with another man) to Jesus’ disciples in the New Covenant

    Jewish philosopher Philo lived in the
    same time as Jesus Christ and Philo has said that arsenokoites meant shrine
    prostitute (male temple prostitute), and not homosexual. Some people have made from this a conclusion that
    the word arsenokoites meant a male temple prostitute. Philo’s
    interpretation was totally wrong, because the Bible proves this undisputedly and
    shows that Philo erred.

    Lev 18:22 and Lev 20:13 doesn’t use temple prostitute word,
    but words in which is denied that a man can’t lie sexually with another man.
    Always when the Bible speaks for temple prostitutes, so the Bible uses
    words gedeshah and gadesh. If Lev 18:22 and Lev
    20:13 told for temple prostitutes, so verses would mention them, but there
    isn’t, because in those verses, the Bible forbids homosexuality. It is very
    clear and undisputable in the light of the testimony of the Bible, that arsenokoites means homosexuality.

    According to words of the Lord Jesus, Jesus’
    disciples can judge righteous judgement. If somebody is stealing, living in
    adultery or is lying, so we have the right to say sin as a sin. According to the
    Bible, homosexuality is a sin and so Jesus’ disciples have the right to say what
    the Bible teaches. Jesus’ disciple has a right to say that living in sins lead
    people to eternal damnation. Jesus’ disciple doesn’t judge to damnation, but
    tells that God shall judge sin maker to hell.

    God loves also gay-people, but not sinful act of
    homosexuality, and therefore, God calls gay-people repentance and receives
    salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus. In other words, God loves sinners, but
    not sins. The gospel and its changing power is meant also for gay-people,
    because the Lord Jesus can set you free you from your sins.

    I don’t condemn homosexuals, but love them by the
    love of God. The love of God also holds on from the truth, and therefore, I must
    say that homosexuality is a sin, it is not condemning, but telling the truth.
    God has authority to judge, not a man. God judges in His word homosexuality as a
    sin. I can tell about judgements that what God does, and I don’t condemn, but
    tell who judge.

    I don’t support discrimination of homosexuals,
    because they are valuable as my neighbors. However, homosexuality is a sin. It
    is possible to integrate from homosexuality and get rid of it. The Lord Jesus
    can save and give freedom to you. I recommend for you to read the Bible, because
    there God teaches for natural sexuality and salvation by believing in the Lord


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