NEW MUSIC: Redline Graffiti – About and Because


The intersection of black America and rock music has always been a bit of enigma.   After transforming the traditional folk music of blues into a powerful new sound rock music seemed to quickly fade from the conscience of the black masses.   Rock music still finds a home in small segments of the black community even sometimes blossoming into commercial acclaim like such bands as Fishbone, Living Colour and TV On The Radio.   Joining the current small enclave of underground black rock bands with an impressive debut EP entitled “About And Above” is Redline Graffiti.

The four piece band, based out of Washington, DC, consists of Drew Moten (Vocals/Bass/Synth keyboard,) Ajene Harly (guitar), Ebony Smith (drums,) and Donald Martin (Vocals/Keyboard/drums) and they build upon the current trend of electro-influenced rock on their first release.   Despite its dark and atmospheric lo-fidelity sound that gives the EP an indie garage band feel, the songwriting and musical arrangements shine through like pop records.  It is this strange balance that makes Redline Graffiti standout and so enjoyable to listen too.   Strangely enough, the sound is perfect for both graffiti watching while riding you local metro line on a sunny day and for nighttime play – perhaps to serve as mood music at the crib for the 4am after party with a small group of homies.

Check out the “About And Above” EP from Redline Graffiti and see why black rock may fade but will never die.