NEW MUSIC: Bonobo – Black Sands Remixed

Thanks to our friends at, a couple of tracks from Bonobo‘s (Simon Green) remix album are available for free download!  The Ninja Tune stalwart has released “All in Forms” (remixed by New York’s FaltyDL) and the well known “Eyesdown” featuring the always beautiful lyrics of Andreya Triana.


The remix of “All in Forms” is really an effective, more minimalistic version of the original track from Black Sands (one of my favorite albums of 2010).  Where the original took a lot of different sounds and fused them into an almost dreamlike atmosphere, this remix is a bit more mellow and strips out the horn ensemble hits you hear throughout the original.  The other differences are  the inclusion of more synth sounds throughout the track and the ending slows to a halt while getting softer.  The original ending seemed more abrupt.


“Eyesdown” seemed to be tailored specifically for remixing since there is a lot of “down time” with not many lyrics  throughout the original track.  This mix includes the perfectly placed and smooth lyrical delivery throughout the track by DELS (rapper from Ipswich, UK now in London) and of course the vocals of the frequent Bonobo contributor Triana which helped lure me in to love “Black Sands” in the first place.

The two free download widgets are below and you can also grab a free download of another faster paced “Eyesdown” (Machinedrum Remix 5″ edit) on Bonobo’s website.  Black Sands Remixed dropped on February 21st in the US.  Go get it already!  He’s already given you three for free!