MUSIC TECH: This Is My Jam

Website: This Is My Jam

One of the reasons that I’ve toyed with leaving music blogging is because honesty I can’t keep up with the rate of new music these days. You literally have thousands of new tracks that drop every day, many to be forgotten in 24 hours. For a dude who still remembers getting his first CD and going to the record store after school to pick up a copy of Reasonable Doubt, it’s a daunting task.

In 2012 I predict that there will be a shift towards more curated music services. We will begin to tire out of our all you can eat music buffet and want simple music delivered to them based on their tastes. Thankfully there are services like This Is My Jam that caters to this market. The service lets you upload one song and one song only for 7 days and allows you to connect with other friends to view their songs. Once you have your jam, it’s yours for an entire week.

Will this concept take off in this ADD music world? I most certainly hope so. Again, it’s all about finding things that are solid and consistent. Selecting one song and sticking to it ensures a carefully created playlist that shows time, effort and care. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to walking into a Tower Records since the Internet existed. Check it.