MUSIC NEWS: Our Top 9 GRAMMY Predictions

This might be one of the more interesting Grammys yet. With the embrace of EDM and the dominance of such artists as Adele and Bon Iver, there seems to be a shakeup in the works for the music industry’s largest night. Honestly 2012 will go much like 2011 with traditional artists being favorited over more pop acts. Obviously Adele is going to be the big winner here, while acts like Bruno Mars and Bon Iver have a great shot. Skrillex is most likely going to go home empty handed while Lady Gaga will continue to be shut out.

Honestly, I’m more interested in next years Grammys as I feel like there is a huge shakeup in the music industry coming. The dominance of large pop acts seems to be fading in favor of those who would be considered “indie” only a few years ago. Very interesting indeed.

21- Adele
Wasting Light- Foo Fighters
Born This Way- Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars
Loud – Rihanna

If Adele doesn’t win this, there will be riots in the streets. Not only is she the biggest pop star of 2012, but her music is right up the alley of what the Recording Academy likes. The only upset I see here is Bruno Mars coming close with Doo-Wops. WINNER: Adele.

The Band Perry
Bon Iver
Nicki Minaj

Wait, Nicki Minaj is a “new artist?” Enough of that. This is a two way race between Skrillex and Bon Iver in my opinion. Honestly, they have been pushing Skrillex hard over the past few months, but again, Bon Iver appeals more to the Grammy voter’s sensibilites. Look for The Band Perry as an upset. WINNER: Bon Iver or The Band Perry.

“All of the Lights”
“The Cave”
“Rolling in the Deep”

Don’t expect Kanye’s “All of the Lights” to win here. I forsee a two way tie between “Grenade” and “Rolling In The Deep.” WINNER: Bruno Mars.

Rolling in the Deep – Adele
Holocene – Bon Iver
Grenade – Bruno Mars
The Cave – Mumford & Sons
Firework – Katy Perry

Just like Song and Record of the Year are repetitive categories, I see this again being a two way tie between Adele and Bruno Mars, with Adele winning. WINNER: Adele

21 -Adele
The Lady Killer – Cee Lo Green
Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars
Loud- Rihanna

Again, Adele will most likely take this one with Lady Gaga a close second. Gaga again will get shut out this time around, leading to negative tweets and boycotts from her “Monsters.” But Adele made a better album, nuff said. WINNER: Adele

Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul – Jeff Beck
Wasting Light – Foo Fighters
Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon
I’m With You – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Whole Love – Wilco

Such a random category this year, which obviously signals rock’s decline in the mainstream. Unfortunately, Jeff Beck is the favorite here, but I really hope that Foo Fighters or Wilco can make an upset. WINNER: Jeff Beck.

Watch The Throne – Jay-Z and Kanye West
Tha Carter IV – Lil Wayne
Lasers – Lupe Fiasco
Pink Friday – Nicki Minaj
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West

My only question…if Kanye West wins over himself will he storm the stage? If Throne wins over MBDTF will he declare the latter the “best album of all time?” Personally, I wish that Fantasy will take this after getting snubbed in the Best Album category, but I have a feeling that Lupe Fiasco will come out the victor in this one. Kanye and Wayne prove too controversial and Nicki is slightly to pop to take this category. WINNER: Lupe Fiasco.

F.A.M.E. – Chris Brown
Second Chance – El DeBarge
Love Letter – R. Kelly
Pieces of Me – Ledisi
Kelly – Kelly Price

This might actually be the most interesting category of them all. Since the Grammys have gutted all of the R&B categories you now have a mishmash of pop, traditional, and alternative categories in one mixed bag (no release really stands out here). The result? I see this as being a tie between Chris Brown and El DeBarge. Brown has the name recognition (but baggage) and DeBarge is a Grammy voter favorite. WINNER: Too Close To Call.


Cut/Copy – Zonoscope
Deadmau5 – 4×4=12
David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat
Robyn – Body Talk, Pt. 3
Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

You have to appreciate the industry’s new found appreciation of EDM (or at least the money it makes). For a group claiming to be out of touch, this is a rather progressive and inclusive list of artists that have made a dent of the US Electronic music scene. (I know DJs will disagree with that statement). Honestly, I don’t think Skrillex is a runaway winner here. David Guetta is definitely more popular and familiar with Grammy voters, and Swedish House Mafia has made a stake in the US Market. WINNER: David Guetta.