LIVE: Donuts Are Forever 6, Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Sneakshot.

Every year, Donuts Are Forever becomes a mecca for Dilla fans to pay respect to the fallen producer, who passed away 6 years ago. Like always, Donuts has become a family reunion. I bumped into people from DC, Philly, and even California. The venue was packed by 9PM, and seeing so much positivity at Brooklyn Bowl ensured to me that hip-hop is very much alive. Young, old, black, white, asisan–everyone was in the building and down to have a good time.

The sounds were provided by Neil Armstrong and Prince Paul, but it was none other than DJ Getlive who did just that. Get everybody live in the building with a great selection of Dilla classics like the ubiquitous “Fuck The Police,” and “Stakes Is High.”  And special props go out to Don Will and Von P of Tanya Morgan who played hypemen for the entire 5 hour show.

All in all, it was a great night of fellowship and dance. I saw people who once had beef hug on the dance floor. I just hope we can recreate this spirit and legacy on a daily basis, and not just once a year.