LIVE: Action Bronson, Southpaw, Brooklyn

Photos by Photoleer.Β 

The closing of Southpaw is a sad day for New York Hip-Hop.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of promoters like Jah-C, the venue became a mecca for underground hip-hop culture. In a time where venues are still hesistent about booking hip-hop shows, Southpaw has had a consisent and vibrant lineup of some of the best local and national talent.

As the venue’s days come to a close, I’m glad to see that it’s going out in style. Gracing the stage is none other than two of New York’s up and coming rappers. Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire and Action Bronson. The sell-out show not only show the draw and worth of the talent onstage, but shows the value of a venue embracing hip-hop culture. Southpaw, you will be missed.