VIDEO: Street Etiquette Black Ivy Docs: Kevin Stewart

The guys at Street Etiquette return with an amazing feature series called Black Ivy Docs. The first series sends the crew to Staten Island (the only borough I still have yet to set foot in) to interview someone who’s alter ego is “Professor Badass.” The documentary is actually a collections of images and audio, used brilliantly to tell as story. Amazing.


From Josua Kissi:

I first met Kevin Stewart about a year very randomly in SoHo. Some people have an strange ability to show that they are worth knowing. Certainly he was very well dressed, but it was more than that. Kevin Stewart is a designer, musician, painter and master of all things visual. Clearly my presumptions about him were not mistaken, as one quick conversation at his humble abode led to a very inspiring first episode of Black Ivy Docs.