VIDEO: Lyriciss – Get It & Go


Money is an especially prominent theme in hip-hop. As the genre became more commercially viable, and artists themselves began to benefit from their talent financially, subject matter began to stray away from commentaries on poverty and governmental neglect and more towards a virtual arms race of materialism and excess.

In the Chop N Shoot Films-directed video for “Get It & Go” DMV spitter Lyriciss lies somewhere between those two extremes. Detailing a day in the life of an archetypal hustler, we see him utilizing methods ranging from nefarious to skillful to make ends meet. No matter how it’s obtained, we use money for what’s important to us. Be it the root of all evil, fuel for our dreams or just a way to make our children smile, money continues to make the world go ‘round. Lyriciss’ second release in his four part series, The Balance EP: Money, can be downloaded at