VIDEO: Clear Soul Forces “Get No Better”


Golden era hip-hop has been referred to as such for very good reason.  One reason is because it spawned an influential sound that crossed genres – a sound that still resonates today.   Even 20 plus years after its heyday, its sound is still a constant source of inspiration for new music including hip-hop itself.  The golden era’s immense number of talented artists, and the lasting legacies they produced, make it extremely difficult for a new generation of emcees to build upon or even to just exist within its sound.  But the Detroit based collective known as Clear Soul Forces is trying to give a legion of legends a run for their money.

The formation of the group Clear Soul Forces, made up of three emcees: Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav, and producer/emcee Ilajade, was something of an accident.  The individual artists pooled their money for a joint studio session at which, Detroit rap veteran, Royce Da 5’9 suggested they form an actual group.  Clearly Royce plays genius with this suggestion, because the chemistry amongst the crew is undeniable as evidenced in their latest video for the single “Get No Better”.

On “Get No Better” the group’s lyricism is better than I could have imagined.  The classic “no hook, just pass the mic” style flows between each artist, and they never miss a step.  The track is a jazzy, boom-bap loop that, even in its simplicity, will keep your head nodding throughout.  With a simple backdrop of a Detroit rooftop for the video and some creative screen flips it’s classic hip-hop at its best.

It’s yet to be seen if Clear Soul Forces can forge their own legacy in the shadows of hip-hop’s golden era’s greatest, but peep the video for “Get No Better” and I’m sure you will agree they are off to a great start.