TRAVEL AND MUSIC: Melbourne Vibes

Seven months ago I packed my life into one single suitcase, said sayonara to all my friends and family and moved from NZ to Melbourne. Being the gypsy that I am, it wasn’t going to be long before NZ just became too small for me and being that you tend to earn at least 30% more in Australia than you ever will in NZ, the move here was pretty logical.

Since moving here, I’ve really fallen behind with keeping up with what’s going on in the music scene and that’s largely to do with the fact I spend a lot less time behind the computer as I’ve actually gone and found myself a social life! And what a social life Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne is very much a Gen Y city: hip, young, has a vibrant culture, thriving street art scene, more live music venues than people and a trendsetting bar culture. The three main things Melbourne is known for are it’s hundreds of hidden laneway and basement bars, it’s coffee and it’s street art, so overall, a pretty damn dope city to live in for someone like me.


When people think of Australia, they tend to dismiss Melbourne and instantly think of the pristine, white, sandy beaches of Sydney. However, what Sydney lacks is a thriving culture and vibe and Melbourne more than makes up for this, after all, it was voted the world’s most livable city last year (showing off just a little?).

Hosier Lane

Being that it’s the height of Summer right now, I’m going to leave you with my favourite Summer discovery, they go by the name of I’lls’ (pronounced Isles), a little known group from Melbourne whom I will definitely be keeping an eye on this year. This is their first music video to their song Northern Quarters from their debut E.P Thread. Check them out.


So far, so good.
Overall verdict: Melbourne = 9.5/10