SCREEN: Misfits, Season 3, Episode 7

Grab your closest weapon; it’s a zombie apocalypse! Though Misfits has been really good at steering away from the more mainstream trends, you can never go wrong with the living dead, especially when this gang is involved. Seth, who is unable to find closure with the death of his girlfriend Shannon, strikes a deal with a very desperate and pregnant Curtis. Seth will take Curtis’ gender-swapping power and switch it with the ability to bring the dead back to life.

Curtis becomes a little cocky and forms this God-complex, resurrecting loved ones and restoring happiness for anyone in need. Too bad Curtis isn’t given a manual on how to use his power because he ends up doing more harm than good, but then again, no one said playing God would be easy. This is another jam-packed episode filled with the usual unexpected mayhem only Misfits can deliver. Though Seth tricked Curtis into taking the power for his own personal gain, it’s Curtis who unleashes the zombie-filled adventure. It seems no on has watched Shaun of the Dead because then they would know even the living dead get hungry. This episode has increased the usual juxtaposition of violence and comedy. We’re given more blood, gore, death and laughs, with flesh-seeking cheerleaders and a psycho kitty.

And as usual, it seems like Kelly can’t catch a break in the guy department. Last season, she fell for someone who ended up being a gorilla, and now a drug dealer, who seems to like his women decayed and without a heartbeat.

We’re nearing the end of season 3 and the scenarios are only getting crazier. I’m anticipating more death and disorder for the gang.

Oh, and disclaimer for all you animal lovers, no cats, already dead or alive, we’re killed in this episode of Misfits!