Phony Ppl are a group of rappers, songwriters, producers, musicians, and most of all, friends, who use infectious and catchy hooks and melodies to win over any listener. Combining soul, jazz and old school hip hop, their music leaves this reminiscent feeling from the 90s where hip-hop was all about heart, passion, and a connection with its listeners. The use of piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, and effortless rhymes makes for a very impressive production. Phony Ppl have worked with artist like Plain Pat, Nick Catchdubs, and even Q-Tip. Their style reminds me of Arrested Development, Digable Planets, and The Roots for starters. But, what makes this group so awe-inspiring is their age. All of them are probably no older than 20, yet their talent makes it appear as if they’ve been doing this for years. Though one member of the group has been signed with Warner Bros., it would be a shame to not see the rest of the members prosper as well. This group is the kind of dynamic needed to help our generation remember and reflect on what the 90’s have given us.

I see a lot of potential with this group. No matter how they decide to market themselves, they have already done a remarkable job with their work so far.

Their newest album, Phonyland is out, and free. Please download and donate to the group to show your support. Also, check them out. They begin touring with Theophillus London in February. Select dates include Atlanta, North Carolina, DC, Philadelphia, and New York.