RISING ARTIST: Natasha Jewels

Today’s rising artist goes out to someone with enough music credibility to teach me a thing or two. Natasha Jewels is an indie rock singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her musical style can be compared to and gains influences from multiple platforms such as rock, pop, folk. The impressive musical dimensions stem from her childhood. Her parents, native to St. Lucia, helped expand Natasha Jewels’ musical knowledge by introducing her to a variety of music. They would blend a lot of ska, reggae, and other Caribbean music with American styles. She even wrote, produced, and performed a lot of the songs for her parent’s band, Kojo. Her style is eccentric and edgy and though her style is somewhat reflective of Lady Gaga and Empire of the Sun’s more eclectic deliverance, she totally means business and is ready to ignite a buzz for music lovers who are eager to hear something new.

Iron Forest by Natasha Jewels by Natasha Jewels