RISING 2012: Quadron

I’ll never forget the first time I started listening to the Denmark-duo Quadon. I was scrolling through tumblr and happened to stumble across the audio for their song, “Horse”. As soon as I started playing it, I literally stopped what I was doing, closed my eyes, and let the music overwhelm me. Vocalist Coco and musician/producer Robin Hannibal have a knack for taking timeless music and using it as a platform to transform more modern genres. There is a beautiful blend of soul, ballads, and electro. It’s like Motown and Electro-rock have fused together to create this unmistakable masterpiece! You can tell the dedication they put into making each track just right. The vocals never overpower the music and vice versa. Each track overall is fresh, different, and distinguishable. I almost feel like I’ve never heard this sound before though I’m sure someone can find a suitable comparison. Though they’ve been around since 2009 and their self-titled debut album was released in 2010, their collaboration with Odd Future’s soulful group The Internet will definitely spark some much needed attention for this underrated group.

The Internet x Quadron – Visions


Quadron – Buster Keaton


The music is soulful, sexy, passionate, need I say more? We’ve covered Quadron extensively at Couch Sessions, but if you still haven’t listened to them, what are you waiting for?

Quadron – Horse


Quadron – Ex Factor (Lauryn Hill Cover)