RETRO RE-CAP: Esthero – Breath From Another (1998)

by Couch Sessions

Breath From Another was one of those album that I went to sleep listening to, woke up listening to, and fantasized about when I was gonna get to listen to it again.  It was “trip-hop” from a Canadian point-of-view, and it left an indelible mark on my psyche.  The marriage of Esthero’s ethereal yet soulful vocals and producer Doc’s deft use of electro-acoustic backdrops was indeed a magical union that I have not heard the likes of since.  For me, it was the sound of where music was heading in the newly approaching millennium.  Esthero, who is often described as a vocal mixture of Björk and Sade, eventually parted ways with Doc and branched out to embrace multiple genres of music, resulting in a follow-up that was good but all over the place.  Esthero’s debut album will always remain a certified classic in my book.

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