RECAP: Misfits, Season 3, Episode 6

The latest episode takes a hilarious twist on the concept of “safe sex”. We deal with two members of the gang trying to solve a sexual experience gone wrong. Though Rudy and Curtis are both on a mission to solve their own messed up scenarios, Rudy steals the show. It’s packed with all the humor and creative nonsense that Misfits has needed. Simon helps Rudy find the girl who gave him a crazy std from hell after a hit-or-quit sexual escapade. Curtis, on the other hand, finds out his alter-female self is pregnant, and he’s the father. Only in the UK right? 

Rudy’s run around is the heart of the show. Every moment he has in the episode, he milks it and actually manages to redeem  himself from being the usual twat that he is. The idea of losing his appendage actually changes his attitude as he makes a very public apology to the girl who is ruining his life, and all without the help of his other half. Though he seems to have turned a new leaf, I honestly hope this doesn’t last. Then his dynamic with Simon throughout the episode gives promise to one similar with him and Nathan.

Curtis wasn’t given the same opportunity for a crazy scenario or room for dramatic development, as usual, but next weeks episode, is the perfect opportunity for him to cause a stir.

There’s no question this time only because I don’t want to intrude in any of your lives by asking any inappropriate questions, so practice safe sex, or you may just end up like Rudy or Curtis!