RECAP: Misfits Season 3, Episode 5

The power of love seems to be the underlying theme in episode 5 of Misfits. We finally shift from Simon and Alisha’s relationship to the growing romance between Kelly and Seth, the power dealer. Kelly finds herself in a sort of Freaky Friday scenario when she body swaps with a girl in a coma who just minutes before, was unwillingly being broken up with by her boyfriend who was unable to cope with her condition. Kelly, who seems to be the rock of the group, is finally the one in serious need and it is up to Seth, as well as the rest of the group to help Kelly before they lose her for good. This episode is literally a life or death, or better yet, love or death situation. Jen, the girl once in a coma, has a second chance to get back with the guy she loves using Kelly’s body, but even still, he can’t cope with his girlfriend’s “new look”.

To add insult to injury, Jen’s family plans on pulling the plug, but Jen isn’t the one in the hospital, at least not spiritually. Not only is Jen ultimately unsuccessful at winning back her boyfriend, but she is also going to kill and destroy another relationship in the process. This is a great opportunity for Seth to prove his adoration and love for Kelly, although she won’t be there to witness it. Jen is left between ethics and emotions and you’d be surprised how love, or lack there of, factors in.

I’m a little disappointed by this week’s episode for it’s more safe approach, though I do see it’s necessity in order to further develop Kelly and Seth’s relationship. I’m excited to see the development of their relationship and am extremely curious of how long this will last. Let’s hope he isn’t secretly a monkey, pun intended.

For all the lovers and hopeless romantics out there, what’s the most dramatic thing you’d do for love?