RECAP: Misfits Season 3, Episode 4

Brush up on your German everyone because we have to kill Hitler! Our beloved group of community service workers must go back in time during WWII to fix history after an old man’s failed attempt to avenge his family’s death. In this alternate future, the Nazis won the war and are given access to technology far ahead of its time.

Every character, except for Rudy, no longer have their powers, and are facing the same insecurities and personal issues from the first season. Alisha is back to being demeaned and used as a sexual object and Simon is constantly in conflicting situations, unable to stand up for himself and others. This episode centers on Seth, who the Nazis are exploiting in order to get powers from other people, and Kelly, who must have the guts and courage to fight against them. To keep the Nazis from using the powers to their own advantage, Curtis has enlisted Kelly, who works in the kitchen of the prison, to poison and kill Seth.

His philosophy is, it’s better to have him gone rather than in the hands of the Nazis.  Of course as the episode goes on, a relationship between the two blossoms and she must choose between love and basically the fate of the world.

This is by far one of the best episodes of Misfits this season. The writing was strong and Kelly was given a much heavier role, which she successfully fulfilled. The Nazi’s use of brutality for control was extremely believable and really gave room for much needed suspense.

So I have to ask, If you were given the opportunity to go back in time and kill Hitler, how would you do it?