Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Warby Parker x Instagram, #Warbywalk, NYC

I’ve been living in NYC for the past year but I have yet to live in NYC.

Usually my days are spend running from one meeting to the next, scarfing down $1 pizzas and going to open bar industry nights. The city around me is a blur as I walk past it with blinders on, not paying attention to the beauty that only New York City provides.

Yesterday, through the lens of my iPhone I was able to rediscover this city that I love. Eyewear design house Warby Parker and Instagram NYC teamed up for the first #Warbywalk around Soho and the Meatpacking District. Over 100 walkers participated in the 2 hour event (they originally planned for 50) which was capped off with a rooftop party and trunk show at the Gansevoort Hotel. It was an amazing day. I met some great people. My girlfriend had a good time, and it made me appreciate this city so much more. Enjoy, and follow @couchsessions in Instagram.