NEW MUSIC: Willis Earl Beal

I love stumbling upon good music.

While looking at a YouTube video for another artist, I clicked on a related video for one Willis Earl Beal. There is something about his low-key, enigmatic storytelling that caught me from the jump. The Chicago-based artist and poet dabbles in everything from lo-fi to his blues-centric storytelling, and although he’s been recording for four years, he’s yet to perform live and dosen’t even own a computer. He is signed to London’s XL Recordings however.


The word is already out however. He’s been getting love on Okayplayer, The Guardian and NME. And last year, Found Magazine put out a collection of his artwork, poetry, and tracks in an “ultimate collection.”

Time will tell where this will all go, but it’s good to see artists like Willis Earl Beal get some love in this world. Just don’t expect him to get a Twitter account just yet.

And that’s a good thing.