NEW MUSIC: The Park “These Are The Days” EP


These are the Days by Theparkmusic

If you happen to know me personally then you are probably aware of my love affair with Northern California’s Bay Area.  So much so that you might think either San Francisco or Oakland is my actual hometown (yes I get that all the time these days), even though I’m originally from the other side of the country.

I’m sure the assumption is partially due to my tendency to spread the gospel of the heavenly greatness the Misses and I experience every time we make our yearly pilgrimage to our spiritual home in the “Yay”.  An event always filled with great times and great friends, over great food, and of course great music – great music such as the funkiest white boy rhythm section since the AWB known as “The Park”.

I had the privilege of being introduced to “The Park” at a live performance back when they held down a weekly jam session at Mojito’s in San Francisco’s North Beach.   Beyond being a foursome that can keep it tight in a funky pocket, or let it loose, rock out, and swing with the best of them, the energy they filled the club with was nothing short of epic.

Somehow they figured out a way to combine all this greatness (and a little more) into a tiny, three-song EP entitled, “These Are The Days”.  With the title track, The Park shows off their late 70’s elctro-funk side ala The Brothers Johnson complete with vocoder and revolutionary theme, while the last track, “Fallen,” crosses into modern rock territory with an energetic, pop-influenced sound.  Surprisingly, what I found to be the heart of the album is an unexpected gem in the middle titled “Summer”.  Easily interpreted as being one of those classic Californian, laid back, top down, hit the beach and roll one up songs, as soon as it comes on you can feel that soothing west coast sunshine beaming down on your face and the euphoric experience it brings.  It’s perfect for us east coasters trying to survive the winter months, and you may find this song on constant repeat for a while.

Catch The Park backing up artists like Alice Russell & Jesse Boykins of Quadron live in your town and peep the “These Are The Days” EP.