MISFITS RECAP: Season 3, Episode 3

This week’s Misfits brings the heat in comparison to last weeks with Simon struggling to recognize a friend versus a fan. He has decided that his destiny is to become the man in the mask in order to save Alisha, but this becomes complicated once he saves a victim named Peter from getting mugged. Once Peter ties Simon to the man in the mask, he becomes obsessed with the idea of knowing a “real life” superhero. Simon unfortunately mistakes this fixation for finally feeling understood, and the newfound confidence sparks a new friendship.

The closer the two of them get, the most suspicious Alisha becomes. She can clearly see the gratification Peter keeps giving Simon about being the man in the suit and it makes her really apprehensive about their relationship since she wants Simon to stop trying to become his “future self”. The more SImon shares his secrets with Peter, the more Peter is able to use it to his advantage. He realizes that he must change Simon’s focus from being on Alisha, to being on him. To control Simon and have him all to himself, Peter uses his superpower by drawing comics of situations that actually happen in real life. By doing so, he can have Simon as an ally, and the rest of the gang be the enemy.

Once Alisha realizes the power the comics have over Simon, she, along with the rest of the group destroy all of them and save Simon from the mind control, but he still has to defeat the antagonist. Using Alisha as bait to lure Simon, Peter becomes an evil version of the man in the mask; determined to kill the one person he’s always wanted to be.

It’s an intense battle that helps Simon to finally recognize the consequences that can come from being the man in the mask, but will that be the last of him?

This is a big episode for Simon. Even though he has matured, some of his more insecure traits are still extremely prevalent, though masked by his ripped body and devilishly good looks.

Question for all of you: What kind of superhero would you want to be? (and no, superman/batman/green lantern/etc do not count, be creative!)