LIVE: Katy B and Shyvonne at Drom, NYC

Photos by Evan Daniels.

There is something about Katy B concerts that makes the usually reserved, jaded crowds of NYC go apeshit.

What it is, who knows? But this is the second time I’ve seen the petite songstress in New York City, and all I can say is damn. There is something this lady does to crowds in this city that most established artists would pay for her secrets.

I think I have an explanation. As dubstep takes over America, Katy B is the best (and most accessible) amalgamation of the genre (sorry Skrillex!). Her pop melodies infused with dubstep rhythms are the perfect recipe for casual fans of the genre and bros whose girlfriends are tired of the throbbing wamp wamp of harder shows. So as no surprise you get a very interesting mix of people at her shows, from Brooklyn hipsters to Jersey Shore rejects.

But again, unlike a lot of hook girls in the EDM world, Katy can seriously hold down a show. Along with her hypeman, Katy breezed through the highlights of her album, On A Mission, to the adoring crowd. The dance-floor ready album ensured that there were no stoppages in movement, and the artist (honed in the UK underground and festival scene) surprisingly has a commanding stage presence.

The only caveats I have about the show? Unfortunately her band didn’t make the trip across the pond (like the last Studio at Webster Hall Show which she said was her “best ever,” and she’s still being booked in venues smaller than her fanbase will allow.

Up and comer Shyvonne proved to be an amazing compliment to Katy B’s rhythms. The Brooklyn-based singer’s tracks such as “Damn!” and the excellent 2-step influenced “Mind Reader,” were almost like an appetizer for Katy, and the crowd agreed. Accompanied by DJ Bonnie Danger’s hour long throwback set (can someone say “Perculator?”) the duo got the crowd hype for the main event.

As for Katy B, can you please get this woman to SXSW, Coachella, Lolla and larger venues in the USA? She is more than ready to take over the world.