EP: Sonnymoon – 2012

Every music blogger has had one of those immediate “oh sh*t this is so dope” moments. One of mine came the first time I caught Sonnymoon’s  “Runaway” video. Although the video was simply the two of them chillin’ in a room, ‘messing around with music’; it was pretty obvious that Dane Orr and Anna Wise have extraordinary chemistry, and can make some out-of-this-world music together. Their debut album, Golden Age was an instant Couch Sessions classic.

Now, a little over two years and a signing to Plug Research later, I welcome my favorite dope duo back to Earth, with their new EP called 2012. Intergalactic beats and captivating vocals immediately greet you after pressing play … Soon after it will hit you that Sonnymoon has returned, and us earthlings are much better off because of it.

Listen and buy now.