CES Recap: Monster Headphones

If y’all didn’t know, Monster is the manufacturer of the Beats By Dre headphones which everyone seems to love these days. Buoyed by it’s riches, the brand is now moving into other branded headphone products. The company signed a deal with DIESEL and their Diesel Noise Division to produce these VEKTR over the ear headphones. The design might not be for everyone, but I find it very striking and almost an artistic statement. However that all goes out the window unless it sounds good, which Monster is promising.

The Monster Inspiration headphones are a bit more toned down but also have a striking look. The noise-canceling headphones are designed for business travelers and such. The cool thing that they are offering here are interchangeable headbands that creates a unique look for the wearer.

Both headsets will have inner-ear versions available and will drop sometime this year.