VIDEO: Iggy Azalea – My World

Let’s face it, hip-hop has crossed over to the point that white girls are making gangsta (sounding) rap and getting away with it. That’s not going away. The kids don’t give a damn about it and why should they?

However, the only offerings America can put in this corner are Kreayshawn and V-Nasty. Krey’s “Gucci Gucci” is a solid effort, a great beat and decent rhymes, and she’s actually not deserving of all the vitriol sent her way. However, her staying power as an artist is suspect. V-Nasty’s just released “project” with Gucci Mane was so bad that Smoking Section’s Gotti threw it in the trash. Thank goodness we have Karmin, the best white female rapper in the game, but rap isn’t even her forte.

Enter Australia’s Iggy Azalea. Her track “My World,” has a beat (a flip of Tiesto) that goes harder than almost anything hip-hop wise south of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.” She’s got the glam of Gaga with the hard edge that “white girl hip-hop” has yet to authentically pull off. Bumping between Atlanta, Houston, Miami and LA, she’s developed more chops than most rappers wish they had, and her style is a mix of an old school Ruff Ryder Eve with the raunchiness of Trina.

Hard to say where this will all go. But for now, this is my jam.