VIDEO: Aleon Craft x George Clinton – Make It Out

Most of y’all know that George Clinton is one of my favorite artists of all time. Honestly, I was raised on more George and Parliament than Sesame Street. So I’m glad to see this collaboration between George and rising Atlanta MC Aleon Craft. The result is a social conscious rap with a gravity that I have not seen in a long time.

The single is the first off of the new collaboration Aleon Craft & George Clinton – Mothership: The Decatur Connection, combining Aleon’s  Mothership Decatur over beats from Parliament Funkadelic’s vast back catalog.

Most people dont’ know this, but Clinton has been sampled over 1,000 times by hip-hop artists, and the funkster is in court at the moment trying to get compensation for copyright infringement claims. The purpose of the mixtape is to chronicle the storied relationship between Clinton and hip-hop. It’s a very interesting look into the history of a true music pioneer. Check it.