VIDEO: That Work – “Secret Lover”


An undeniably great song speaks for itself.  A theory proven true by the NYC duo generating a lot of attention, but who have yet to reveal their identities: simply referring to themselves as “That Work”.

Despite the band’s reclusiveness, their debut single “Secret Lover” is buzzing about the music world.  It even caught the ears of the folks at the music department of HBO’s immensely popular “How To Make It In America” – a series that strives to stay on the cutting edge of pop culture.   The single effortlessly blends old school soul and modern day pop with some impressive musicianship (imagine if Hall & Oates suddenly became twenty something’s and were dropped in Williamsburg) and made its way into the show’s soundtrack attracting more fans and even more curiosity about the band members themselves.

The obvious next step would be a full-throttle promotional campaign with interviews, shows and videos all plastered with super cool visuals of the band for us to fawn over.

Not so much.

There hasn’t been so much as a peep from the band until the recent official video release for “Secret Lover”.   Shot in all black and white, it captures the appealing, seductive, sensual feel of the song with silhouettes of couples explicitly indulging in each other’s company, and shots of NYC’s sexy side after dark.  The band holds on to their mysterious persona revealing nothing more about themselves than their instruments of choice.

Peep the official video for “Secret Lover” by That Work and discover why gimmicks and clever marketing campaigns are no match for an incredible and undeniably feel good track.[youtube][/youtube]