Canada has been a hot place for talent, and this time I’m not talking about Drake or Ryan Gosling. Experimental, future pop group Purity Ring is taking the underground music scene by storm. Corin Roddick of GOBBLE GOBBLE and vocalist Megan James are a force to reckon with, combining different genres to create this eerie, yet totally addictive sound. Inspired by his love of southern hip-hop, Roddick infuses a slow-paced, chopped-and-screwed feel to skittering, jagged instrumentals, and James’ sweet and distinct vocals enriches them, blending in so effortlessly. Their sound is captivating with melodies so riveting, you’ll find yourself engulfed by the sound.Purity Ring adds mystery and anticipation to their image, releasing tracks sporadically. Finishing up their US tour,Purity Ring has left a lasting impression.

Purity Ring – Ungirthed


Purity Ring – Lofticries


Their first two singles “Ungirthed” and “Lofticries” have gotten heavy rotation and were both crowned best new tracks. Canada has delivered great bacon, great syrup, great hockey, great actors, and now, great new music.