RISING 2012: Azari and III

I’m thrilled to share this week’s rising artist with the rest of you. Their music reminds me of the timeless dance scenes from the past without being coming off as retro. They have diva behavior, the lyrics are powerful and the beats are fierce. It’s bad-ass-in-your-face-tell-em-who’s-boss dance music and did I mention it’s by four dudes? Toronto based group Azari & III are a dynamic group who uses their music as a medium to express passion with empowerment. They fuse together techno with a little bit of groove and a whole lot of attitude. Every track is complex and forceful with elements of jittery synths, playful electric piano, and a smooth bass. Though their music is vivacious and irrepressible, the group is not afraid to hit on more deeper topics. From depression, to heartbreak, their messages seem to come to the same conclusion, “Hey, we all have issues, but let’s dance the pain away, rather than dwell on it”. To go along with that free spirited approach, they’ve also expanded their style with other genres. Azari & III are not afraid to experiment, having revamped generic pop and even rock styles of music through an innumerable list of remixes. Their self-titled album is out now and it’s so fabulous, it makes Beyonce’s alterego Sasha Fierce look more like Sasha Mild.


It’s the perfect soundtrack for New Years celebrations, so get dressed up, put on your highest heels, play some Azari & III and dance your way into 2012 !