RECAP: Misfits Season 3, Episode 1

It’s the beginning of season 3 and so much has changed. Simon has transformed from being shy, awkward, and naive to super hot and confident. He’s still going strong with the gorgeous Alisha, who has switched up her slutty past for a more girlfriend role. Totally loving it and them. Early in the episode, we are introduced to Rudy, who will eventually be the fifth member of the group, who seems to be suffering from some type of bi-polar disorder. He’s the modern day Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Rudy is crude, obnoxious, and a bit brutish while his other half is more emotionally damaged, insecure, and tender-hearted.

Simon continues to practice his bad ass ninja/parkour routines to continue his second life as the man in the mask in season 2, but before attempting this difficult trick, he sees himself lose balance while climbing over a building and falls to his death. Being able to see a little into the future isn’t an angle I would’ve went with since season 2 was all about fulfilling the role of his future self, but I digress. Shaun, the probation worker, who surprisingly hasn’t died yet is back to his old tricks, taking advantage of his job and not giving a fuck about anyone else, while three new prisoners, two girls and Rudy go about their work. Then we see Kelly who has gone from reading people’s mind to being a rocket scientist. Worst superpower ever? I think so. Her power may have changed, but her attitude isn’t. You can put genius powers into the girl, but you can’t take the chav out of her. The original four hang out at the pub where Curtis bartends. Kelly brings up Nathan and Simon mentions him still being in Las Vegas with Marnie and Nathan Jr. He also reveals that Nathan is using his superpower to cheat the casino out of their money. If only he received that phone call. Rudy and the two female community service workers are also at the pub. Alisha starts freaking out, trying to hide herself from him and leaves instantly with Simon and Kelly. I smell a juicy past ready to be uncovered ! Rudy begins macking with one of the community center workers, while the second one goes out for a smoke. Rudy’s mack game is clearly lacking and after getting dissed, takes a piss break while sensitive Rudy attempts to reason with him. I’m starting to really like his humble, insecure side, it balances out his douchebag personality. Forgetting to morph back together, Rudy continues macking while Rudy 2 talks to the second girl who’s doing community service because her boyfriend framed her in order to save himself from getting arrested. Not that the angry tone was a factor, but she is clearly not over the situation. Rudy 2 appeals to her and she’s growing quite fond of him until she see’s Rudy making out with the other girl. And THIS is where shit hits the fan. Feeling betrayed, her heart starts pounding, she’s fuming, and BOOM, time stops. Everything is frozen in place. Pissed off and extremely revengeful, she smashes an alcohol bottle over Rudy’s head and places the remains in Curtis’ hand. Time resumes and Rudy is bleeding everywhere. A psycho chick with that strong of a power can only mean disaster.

So the gang is discussing the situation and trying to figure out what happened. Curtis, Kelley, Simon prepose trying to stop psycho chick while Alisha is all for laying low. Where’s the man in the mask when you need him?! Rudy got laid last night, but sensitive Rudy is not happy about it. Simon, Kelly, and Curtis while getting brunch run into psycho chick and the rest of the community service workers. Finding out about Rudy getting laid, she turns psycho again and freezes time, pushing him down the stairs. Seriously, this chick has serious disloyality issues. Once she realizes they saw what she’s done, she frames them by smashing a rock into a car and putting it in Kelly’s hand. So vindictave! The four of them split up, but the cop is trailing Curtis. Reaching a dead end, Curtis turns around and he’s a.. she? CURTIS CAN CHANGE GENDERS! These powers seem to not match their personalities, but instead, be totally random. Rudy stays with Simon, Kelly and Curtis, entering the underground flat where he runs into Alisha. Dun dun dun. Rudy does a complete 360 in emotions, almost to the verge of tears. Fighting back sensitive Rudy, he runs out the flat and everyone is confused as to what just happened. Including myself. Now Rudy 1 and 2, both equally upset, are looking at photos of Alisha that he has stashed away in a shoe box. It’s absolutely killing me that I don’t know how they’re connected.

Cutting back to the real situation at hand, Kelly confronts the superpower dealer in hopes he’ll help in stopping the psycho girl, but he’s being extremely difficult extremely handsome. I sense a little sexual tension between the two. At the community service center, Rudy frames psycho chick for framing him. It’s clear he hasn’t learned his lesson because she freezes time again and is flees the scene. Rudy, his girl from the community center, Simon, Kelly, and Curtis are all at the pub when Alisha shows up. Before Rudy can get away, sensitive Rudy comes out. He loved Alisha back when they went to college together. She took his virginity, but once he told all his friends, she avoided him and denied it ever happened. Everyone at school called her a cock monster while he tried to kill himself out of desperation. Awwwww poor Rudy. Shakespeare isn’t the only one who can create emotional love stories. Simon tries to make her feel better by saying people used to call him the pussy monster (Lil Wayne would approve) and Rudy breaks up with himself. At the community center, psycho chick comes back and does her magic. She freezes time and kills the second community service girl and frames Rudy, putting the knife in his hand. Alisha, ready to confront Rudy, witnesses everything. So what does psycho girl do? Freezes time and put’s nooses around Alisha and Rudy’s necks. Standing on top of chairs, one wrong move and they’ll hang themselves. Trying to figure out where psycho girl is, Alisha envisions herself in psycho girl’s shoes. How ironic that her superpower is exactly what she couldn’t do in regards to Rudy and his feelings. Well played E4. Psycho chick is ready to kick the chair from under their legs but Rudy plays mind games, so to delay her. Confused and annoyed, she kicks Rudy’s chair and leaves. He holds on to Alisha to keep him from choking. THey finally work things out and she apologizes for what she’s done. Finally receiving closure, he lets go of her, ready to kill himself sensitive Rudy saves the day! Alisha, Simon, Kelly, Curtis, and now Rudy, bury the two community center workers. Ding dong the witch is dead! Rudy taking part of burying them is like his initiation into the group. Successfully ending that situation, the five of them cruise along on a nice day, enjoying themselves when the police pull them over. I guess Rudy didn’t know it’s against the law to drive a stolen vehicle. Congrats Rudy, you made them involuntarily violate their probation. I forgot how good they all looked in orange.

And there you have it, episode 1. How do you guys feel about Rudy? Does he fit right in or could you do without him? And what about his more sensitive side? Have any ideas on a better nickname to give the pair? Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions!