READER BEST OF 2011: @swiper_bootz

  Name: swiper_bootz
Location: London
Website: Trapper Keeper
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“SaturdayMorningKungFu” – Subway in Harlem 2: Breakfast in Philly – Savvy Society

Subterranean transportation, morning moods let liberty ring… Savvy Society’s Subway in Harlem 2: Breakfast in Philly was this year’s incognito aural infiltrator. New Jack Swing meets the urban jungle… Deft sampling, staccato kit play, quick hi-hat raps over distant cowbell, claps, and punch-to-pause kick drum… all beneath freestyled jazz piano solo loops… shadowed reendtroductions… In the still of the night Breakfast in Philly runs along like a late 20th century transition soundtrack, between decades, between the 80s and 90s, an understated intermission at the heart of postmodernism… a culture of buppies boomeranging and former b-boys digging warriors and leaving school daze behind… after the Other creative class crafted a proper niche, before it succumbed to the greed and glitz, when art was pulsed by the lost love in the heart of the city…

“Go With You” – Underneath the Pine – Toro Y Moi


Whimsical, yet weathered… a post-suicidal virgin’s rhytmically respiratory ambient air… subtle psychedelic melodies wafting along the breeze… Bundick hums beneath the fragile funk’s pine, coasting along the roots of Seventies soundtracks… xylophonic keys echo in the distance, just beyond the hushed vocals… looping and laying a fresh foundation for tomorrow’s sonic dawn, or tonight’s dusked nightcap… speak easy, synth soundly, step lightly, but strut nonetheless along the harmonic chillwave hymnal of Toro Y Moi…

“Civilization” – Audio, Video, Disco. – Justice


From Brazil’s Christ Redeemer to B.o.B, Stonehenge to the endless Sk8er Boi party, Madonna Litta eclipsed by the Purrs of California’s Kitty Lolita, Easter Island, Themis, The Sphinx, man-made structures bordering on the divine – resurrected here if only to remind us of what we left behind… All Day I Dream About Significance, Society, Substance, Something – anything more… Mount Rushmore cashed out, Noah’s Ark now nothing more than a two-by-tomb, while the ruins of civilization go all in, stumble, and settle in the Mediated Mesopotamian womb… From behind the veil of the ever present bottom line, sights of the American celebrity to drown out the French artisan’s sound… when culture is dependent upon commerce, justice remains forever blind: Anything less would be uncivilized #allin

“No Church in the Wild” ft. Frank Ocean and The-Dream – Watch the Throne – Jay-Z & Kanye West


The Throne… Black Jesus walks in the wild… Where there is no church, just a primal society of spectacular sinners in the magnificent monde a la mode… Amen fashion… London is looting, Paris is burning, New York is occupied, victors are vilified, and the beasts are the beautiful beacons of a new world… Postcolonial cultural institutions, Neo-capitalism beneath the civilly disobedient liberated lady, soundtracks run through the veins and veneer of a blind Justice Judy… Mitochondiral thieves, sons of Reagan’s mythological Welfare Queens, tears on the mausoleum floor, lies on the lips of a priest… Faustus grants voices, viles of victorious libations, and a hand to grasp to the thug’s prayers reached…. Human beings to a mob, what’s a mob to a king, what’s a king to a god, what’s a god to a non-believer who don’t believe in anything… When pop is the pre-eminent place of worship and The Throne makes room for Jo Calderone… what’s Queen Bee to Minaj, what’s Minaj to a Bey, what’s Britney to GaGa, what’s GaGa to the tot Belieber who don’t believe in anything… #preach

“Edge of Glory,” “Judas” – Born This Way – Lady GaGa


This album… this year… was cognitive dissonance on parade… but – at least it was in movement towards something… something post-colonial… something in the wake of betrayal, on the brink of Biblical, and basking in the bricolage. Born This Way isn’t a one-sound-fits-all sonic scenario collectively, but one of its many fine fragments will undoubtedly appeal to the fair share of all ears. “Edge of Glory”… not a favorite song off of the album, not a favorite single from the year… but it was released on my birthday, and its presence was everywhere… “If anyone did anything – if a cat got across the street this year: they were on the ‘Edge of Glory,'”ubiquitous, optimistic, mortal – but magnificently so, it was anthemic for the aspirational ones. “Judas” … Judas, on the other hand, was a banger of beasting proportions for the bad kids with the killer kiss. The Hidden Miss and the Hit-and-Miss… “In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance: ‘Fame hooker,’ ‘prostitute wench,’ ‘vomits her mind’ – but in the cultural sense, I just speak in future tense; Judas kiss me if offensed, or wear ear condom next time.” #dropthemic