READER BEST OF 2011: @JoseRMejia

  Name: Jose
Location: NYC
Website: Largetail
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Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Kanye’s record is a masterpiece, there really shouldn’t be a contest here. Mr. West’s audacity rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and that’s fine if you don’t get where the man’s coming from. His audacity matched to his creativity, however, is something to be revered even if you dislike the man.
In some interviews, Kanye claimed he wanted to make something as expansive and deep as his favorite 70s records, and I think he accomplished just that.

Burzum – Fallen


Black metal legend Varg Vikernes continues to defy categorization with each release. This 9th record sees the outfit evolving into a blend of traditional black metal instrumentation, operatic melodies, and high-quality production value.

A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP


Harlem’s is-he-for-real wunderkind’s official debut on ‘record’ plays through like the best parts of your favorite rap records from the past 15 years got blended together into one. Remains to be seen if the pretty motherfucker himself has longevity as an artist, but this debut hints at good things to come.

Iceage – New Brigade


Bunch of young kids from Denmark pushing out a volatile slush of clanging post-punk and hardcore with an unrivaled energy. This is one of those records you play straight through and then start from the beginning again.

Spank Rock – Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is A Fucking Liar


The nasty MC went through a fallow period after his first record smashed people over the head and got the world’s attention, and he’s suffered for it. Not many people are buzzing off this sophomore release, and it definitely can’t be on account of the music, because it all kicks. Is he amazing MC? Not at all. But nearly every track on here is a catchy mess of genre-hopping that makes you not care if it is genuine or not. Just bump it.