PREVIEW: Marilyn Carino at Drom

Intertwined within jazz-tinged electric depths, Marilyn Carino’s ponderous vocals take the classic trip-hop standard to the 21st century. The New York City torch singer headlines tonight at Manhattan’s Drom, a set expected to be highlighted by tracks from her latest indie effort Little Genius. Progressive soul fanatics will know Carino from her work as a singer-songwriter with rock meets soul combo Mudville, her solo turn a trip in a more electronic direction.


An award-winning songwriter, Marilyn Carino’s style has been described as “Nina Simone coming back from the dead to front Morcheeba.” Such an extremely flattering definition helps to define the sound of her current album. Though anachronistic with current pop’s journey into synthesized sounds, it hearkens to a past standard that remains analogous to timeless excellence. Intense vocals match down-tempo jazz as Carino takes painstaking effort in examining the universe, songs like “King of the World” most successful in that expectation.

It has been eons since brassy vocals have been effectively paired with jazz stylings. Believing that the soul of progressive bass in modern dance is wonderful, but missing a true emotional core? Marilyn Carino’s effortlessly classic style is a remembrance of things past, legacy in present form.