PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…

My name is Corey Thompson and I’m a freelance photographer in the DC area who decided to launch this series (Breakfast with…) cause I figured everybody gotta eat? right?

No seriously I launched this because I encounter a lot of people throughout my journey in life who without sounding to cliched inspire, move…(you get it?) me but they are not who you might think?

They’re either friends or random people that I meet who share an energy in this thing called life…and when I say “share” I mean an honest unfiltered energy that can inspire….and what’s more inspiring is that it can come from anyone as you will see from this series so grab your favorite vice and have a visual conversation with some inspiring people…

So here’s the storyboard: I meet up with whoever is inspiring me that morning for breakfast and we talk about life but instead of words I decided to show the conversation thru photos.

So a little bit about my first guest Victoria Ford.

I’ve been knowing @gravity508 for about 13yrs. and everytime when we cross paths its organically inspiring and this meeting is no different. We talked about her first photography showing, (found here, parenting, fathers, mothers, being a father & mother ..just life..oh and  her being The “Connector” here at The Couch Sessions.

“its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”